Pareos and sarongs for women of all sizes, shapes and age.  Looking for swimwear coverups, a simple beach sarong or a lavalava for your husband or boyfriend then you will find it here.

Our rayon wraps come in several sizes.  For the fuller women, we carry the extra large size.  For the teenagers we have the shorter skirt wrap and for the little girls we have the mini skirt wrap. For the men, our lavalavas are made of durable cotton blend fabrics.

Each cover up is very multifunctional.  Not only are they comfortably worn as dresses or skirts but can also be worn as a shawl, used as a blanket, curtain, table cover or table runner.

Called by many names throughout the world, such as a malong in the Phillipines, a sulu in Fiji or a kanga in Eastern Africa our wraps come in many prints and or solid colors.  Here in Hawaii they are also called a pareo (Tahitian term) or lava lava (Samoan term). 

Our solid black sarong is one of our popular bathing suit coverups and along with white sarongs and our other solid colors, make great Hula costumes and Tahitian costumes.

By the way, “How To Tie Sarongs” instructions are included with each purchase.

So whether you need a short skirt wrap, or mini skirt size or an extra large size for the plus size women, we definitely have pareos and sarongs for women of all sizes, shapes and age.  Looking for a beach sarong, or swimwear cover up for the whole family then come in and take a look.

Here at My Hawaiian Sarongs we guarantee a great product, great service and an easy return policy if not fully satisfied with your pareo, sarong or lava lava, so don't hesitate to purchase one.